Gethsemane Lutheran Church – Ministries

Gethsemane’s Outreach Ministries:

Bible Camp – Gethsemane Lutheran Church supports Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp. Since 1930, Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp has been a special place where God’s abundant grace is not simply taught, but experienced. Check out their web site for information on upcoming activities,

Food Bank – Gethsemane Lutheran Church supports the Mid County Food Bank.

Quilters –The quilters meet the first Wednesday and Thursday of the month at 9:00 a.m. The ladies of the church have made quilts for many years and sent them to Lutheran World Relief. We have made up and sent sewing kits and extra material in developing countries for the people to make and sell items or have them for themselves. Layettes have been made after the women of the church had a baby shower and brought items that were needed to make the layette kits. School kits, health kits and blankets have also been sent.

“Church Ladies”- The ladies are always helpful with hosting the coffee time after the church services, organizing the funeral meals and hold an annual “Sauerkraut Dinner” and Baked Potato Buffet in the fall. 

Home Communnion Ministry – In the autumn of 2010 Gethsemane Lutheran Church blessed a new home communion kit and started a new ministry. Church members share the mission of bringing the sacrament of Holy Communion to our shut-ins, nursing home residents and hospitalized members on a regular schedule.

Gethsemane’s Discipleship Ministries:

Gethsemane Lutheran offers a variety of educational opportunities, from Sunday school and Vacation Bible School for children, to Catechism and Youth Group for kids, and Bible study.  For more information, contact the church office.

Youth & Family Ministry – “As servants of God and the community through mission, the Youth and Family Ministry is committed to teaching and mentoring our youth in being good stewards, through fellowship with Christ and one another.”

Faith Formation (formerly known as Sunday School) for the 2019-20 school year has been temporarily suspended due to lack of enrollment. Pray that this is a short-term situation, and that young families find their way to Gethsemane through word-of-mouth and through personal invitation by members and friends.

Confirmation Students, those typically in Grades 7 and 8 who wish to Affirm their Baptism, meet with Pr. Brenda on Wednesdays from 3:45-5pm at St. Stephen’s. Contact Pastor Brenda if you are interested in becoming Confirmed, youth or adult.

Transformational Ministry – In 2009, Gethsemane began their Transformational Ministry journey.  Transformational Ministry is a “back to the bible” approach to our core beliefs as Lutherans.  Based on bible studies, prayer and discernment, the ministry team drafted the Guiding Principals and Purpose Statement.  The draft documents became official documents of the congregation at its annual Congregational Meeting in January 2010.

Gethsemane’s Prayer Ministries:

Prayer Chain

Gethsemane’s prayer chain is a great opportunity to pray for others at a time of need. Prayers do work.

Prayer Shawl – The prayer shawl ministry has been going on since 2006 at Gethsemane.

The shawls are knitted or crocheted. After the shawls have been completed they are presented at worship, blessed with prayer and sent out to those in need of comfort or of celebration and joy. Bay Area Cancer Unit patients have been recipients of these shawls also. Since 2006, 123 prayer shawls have been distributed to those in need of prayers and comfort. If you would like to participate in this ministry, contact the church office for patterns. In 2012 a new prayer shawl ministry was added, pocket prayer. They are either knitted or crocheted and they fit nicely in a pocket or purse and can travel with the recipient.

Facing in Faith

“Facing in” Faith ministry was launched on Easter Sunday, 2018 when a member of Gethsemane Lutheran Church had been hospitalized, an hour’s drive from home, for many weeks.  While assisting the family to reconnect visually with their loved ones, the Holy Spirit inspired the team to bring this member into worship on Sunday morning!  Using technology that allowed her to see and participate in the worship service in progress from her hospital bed, it also allowed for the congregation to connect with her “face to face” during the Sharing the Peace portion of worship.  “Facing In” provided a grieving family the ability to participate in the funeral of their loved one when they were unable to attend in person.