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On Sunday, December 16, St Stephen’s Sunday School children presented their Christmas program at the 10:30 service. Click here to view photo gallery

Making their First Communion on December 9, 2018 at St. Stephen’s, are Brock Berquist, Lilliana Revell, and Dalten Wagner. Thank you to Bishop Katherine Finegan for leading worship on this special Sunday. Welcome to the Lord’s Table!. Click here to view photo gallery

The “Hanging of the Greens” and decorating at St. Stephen’s was on Saturday, December 1, at 10:00 AM, followed by a lunch. Thank you to the 16 who participated. Click here to view photo gallery

On November 3, 2018, the St. Stephen’s Church Women had their annual Cookie Sale at the Stephenson High School as part of the Holiday Festival. Thank you to all who donated and participated. Click here to view photo gallery

Gethsemane held its 17th annual sauerkraut dinner on Thursday, October 17, 2018. So many members contributed food and time, all the way back to last fall when the cabbage was processed. Thanks to everyone who contributed and participated! Contributions go to local charities. Click here to view photo gallery

On October 19, 2018, at 6:30 PM, Jessica Falk, Swedish musician, singer, and songwriter, performed a concert at St. Stephen’s Church for the community. She sang and played her songs with accompaniment, and witnessed her faith with the introductions. It was an inspiring and spiritual uplifting evening, followed by a fellowship time with refreshments. Click here to view photo gallery

On September 30, the school supplies collected by St. Stephen’s members were blessed during the Children’s Sermon by supply pastor, Doug Shoen. A welcome surprise…… attending that fifth Sunday parish joint service were our former pastor, Cori Johnson, her husband, Todd Parsons, and baby Mary Alice. Click here to view photo gallery

On September 23, 1:00 PM, Wendy and Wally Majkrzak hosted the annual hayride at their farm home.  It was an interesting tour, delayed by a stalled tractor out on the country lanes, but deftly handled by driver/owner Wally to overcome and continue with the event.  The 30 participants arrived back hungry and enjoyed the campfire and hot dog pot luck meal. Click here to view photo gallery

On September 16th 2018, the new processional cross was used and dedicated at the 10:30 service. Given in memory of long-time St. Stephen’s member, Elaine Berglin, by her family. Click here to view photo gallery

Gethsemane Lutheran Church’s Baked Potato Buffet – Wednesday, September 13, 2018 was the first Baked Potato Buffet organized by Gethsemane Lutheran Church’s Social Ministry Committee. We hear on the news how one major health crisis can send a family into catastrophic debt and in recent months, the need for a fund by which our church can attempt to help members with catastrophic medical bills has become very apparent. For this reason, we set out to create and build a fund by which to fulfill this mission. The next step was to determine an unusual fundraiser that hasn’t been done before and yet was achievable. The committee received an idea for a Baked Potato Buffet. The plans were set in motion to organize this unusual dining experience. With the generous support of Gethsemane’s Lutheran Church’s members, food items were donated, the Fellowship hall was set for event and many hands in the kitchen and serving line fed the masses, and THRIVENT provided seed money for items that needed to be purchased. Turnout was better than hoped, the choices were thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Many people said “I don’t know where to start” when they started down the buffet line. Organizers are very satisfied with the turnout and support of our new ministry and to all who helped in any way, THANK YOU! Click here to view photo gallery

A worship service of HOLDEN EVENING PRAYER was celebrated at Darrell and Christine Havelka’s home on August 13 with members from Gethsemane, St. Stephens, friends and family in attendance with Rev. Scott Ehle presiding. Ruth Thoune read the lessons and read a devotion. Worshippers shared The Lord’s Supper during the outdoor service.
Sara’s new companion puppy, Ollie, received a special blessing as he begins his life with his forever home.
A root beer float fellowship social followed worship.. Click here to view photo gallery

On Sunday, January 21st six youth from Gethsemane and St. Stephen’s affirmed their baptism at the joint worship service at St. Stephen’s.

On Sunday, December 17th, Gethsemane’s Sunday School children  presented their Christmas Program during the church service. Click here to view photo gallery

On Sunday morning, December 17, the St. Stephen’s Sunday School children presented their Christmas Program during the church service, in lieu of the sermon. Click here to view photo gallery

On December 9th at 10 AM, 16 volunteers worked at St. Stephen’s Church getting ready for Christmas and the New Year. Two trees were put up and trimmed, other decorating was done, and the 2018 VOLUNTEERS list was compiled. A lunch followed. Click here to view photo gallery

On Saturday, November 4th, the St.  Stephen’s Women of the ELCA had their annual cookie sale.  Cookies  and candy are prepared and donated by the congregations’s members and packaged  the day before for Stephenson’s Fall Festival. Click here to view photo gallery

The blessing of the quilts and school kits occurred at Gethsemane on October 8th. Seven women of Gethsemane worked on these all year, along with help from other members for supplies, boxes for shipping, etc. 62 quilts and 35 school kits were made and shipped in 26 boxes for Lutheran World Relief. Click here to view photo gallery

On Sunday, September 17, the Gospel Music of the Clarksons Band was enjoyed at St. Stephen’s Church as part of the 10:00 AM service. Participating churches were United Methodist, Gethsemane Lutheran, and St. Stephen’s Lutheran. Following the worship service and music, was a pot luck meal. Click here to view photo gallery

DONATIONS NEEDED!! Once again we are asking for donations to help stock the Food Pantry. With the upcoming colder months ahead of us we are in need of help in stocking a good supply. Major items needed are cooking oil, mayo, any canned meats, juices, large cans of soup, large spaghetti sauce, etc. The first Saturday of this month, we had 15 families. Total output was 36 large bags of groceries. Depletes our stock on hand in a hurry. Donations have been slim to none during the last 4 months. If you are lucky to have a surplus of garden vegetables or apples, it would be wonderful to offer fresh products. PLEASE, think with your heart. No little kid should go hungry.

On August 6, after the 10:30 AM service, there was a celebration of mortgage burning, including a pot luck dinner and program. It was a joyful event as St. Stephen’s Church look at its past, present and future.. Click here to view photo gallery

Sunday, July 30th Gethsemane and St. Stephen’s had a joint worship service and parish picnic at Mellen Township Park in Wallace. The service was a polka service with Pastor Gene playing the accordion, Darrell Havelka and Nick Diehm on the Stump Fiddle. Click here to view photo gallery

On Sunday, July 16th, St. Stephen’s Church had ” Christmas in July” at the church service. It featured Christmas Scripture readings and singing Christmas carols. It was well attended by 63 people, and Pr. Cori Johnson’s last day with us. Click here to view photo gallery

On Saturday, July 15th, at 5:00 PM, a Going-Away Party/Potluck Dinner was held at St. Stephen’s Church in honor of Pr. Cori Johnson and her husband Todd. Her last day at St. Stephen’s and Gethsemane Churches is July 16th. It was well attended with 89 people. We will miss them, and ask God’s Blessings on them. Click here to view photo gallery

On June 4, 2017,  Pentecost Sunday, Isabella Mack made her Affirmation of Baptism, Confirmation, at St. Stephen’s Church.  A special cake was served at coffee time before the service, and she received gifts.  Click here to view photo gallery

Sunday, April 30th was Youth Sunday for the Parish Service at St. Stephen Church.  The Confirmation kids wrote and gave the children’s and regular sermons, and served at the service ushering, acolyting, assisting with Communion, and lectoring.  A representative from the Gideons also gave a Temple Talk. Click here to view photo gallery

On Saturday, April 15th, there was an Easter event for the kids at St. Stephen’s Church, followed by a lunch. Click here to view photo gallery

Jean Voellker was honored at coffee time on March 26th for her 80th birthday on March 30.  Happy Birthday, Jean, and God Bless You! Click here to view photo gallery

On March 19th, Bishop Tom Skrenes preached the sermons at Gethsemane and St. Stephen Churches.  A pot luck meal was served at St. Stephen’s following their service. Click here to view photo gallery

2016 Adopt A Family Project

This year’s project was a variation on our traditional angel tree. The change was small, but significant. We adopted one family rather than many children from multiple families. The families’ needs were simple but basic. They needed winter clothes because they just moved from California.

Members from Gethsemane and St. Stephens eagerly signed up for and purchased gifts for the 2 teen age girls. Gifts for their Dad appeared also even though he asked for nothing for himself.

In addition to gifts, we also provided the “fixins” (and a few recipes) for their holiday dinner. The food provided ranged from potatoes, butter, salt, seasonings, homemade pumpkin pie, cranberries, butter, jello, canned vegetables, dinner rolls, eggs, home canned pickles and beets, sweet potatoes just to name some of the items provided.

Social Ministry purchased the turkey and a few extra items to fill out the menu.

Transformational Ministry prepared a gift of pocket prayer shawls, devotional materials and a new bible for the family as well as an invitation to join us for worship.

In preparation for delivery of the gifts and food, Pastor Cori blessed everyting during regular worship.

Christian generosity clothed and fed our family and we showered them with God’s love!!!!

I met and visited with the Dad for a little while before Christmas. I shared our worship schedule and invited them to join us for worship. Before we parted, we held hands, prayed and hugged each other. He was moved by the generosity and love shown to them.

2 Corinthians 9:7
Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

On December 18th, Gethsemane Sunday School Children presented their Christmas Program during morning church services.  Cast & Crew: Narrator’s & Stage Crew: Ally Schultz & Ivy Schultz, Mary: Sara Havelka, Joseph: Colin Christophersen, Gabriel: Darrell Havelka, Elizabeth: Chelsea Christophersen, Angels: Eva Schultz, Chelsea Christophersen, Ally & Ivy Schultz, Scarlett Hanson, Sherpherds: Todd Parsons, Andy Forray, Bot Jarnutowski and Jim Koldos, Villagers: Eva Schultz, Tena Roubal, Todd Parsons, Andy Forray, Bob Jarnutowski, Jim Koldos and Scarlett Hanson. Assistant Directors: Christine & Darrell Havelka Stage Props: Sunday School Kids, Power Point & Music: Wendy Hanson. The play was written and directed by Sandy Gill. Click here to view photo gallery

On December 18th, the St. Stephen’s Sunday School children presented their Christmas Program during the church service. Coffee time was hosted by the Sunday School before the service. Click here to view photo gallery

On December 10th at 10:00 AM, volunteers met at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church for “Hanging of the Greens”–Christmas decorating.  Two trees were put up and other decorating and chores done.  A lunch for 21 was served after the work was completed. Click here to view photo gallery

Stewardship Sunday was November 6th, culminating a program with two temple talks on previous Sundays and pledge cards given out.  A meal was served after the Nov. 6 service with 39 participating. Click here to view photo gallery

On November 5th, the St. Stephen’s Church women had their annual Christmas cookie sale at the Stephenson High School, part of  Stephenson’s Holiday Festival.  Cookie and goody donations were turned in and packaged on Friday in preparation for the event on Saturday. Click here to view photo gallery

On October 2, 1:00 PM, Wally and Wendy Majkrzak hosted an hayride and hot dog potluck lunch at their farm home.  Thirty adults and kids took the ride in 2 wagons.  The kids played games, played in the new elevated playhouse, and on the trampoline–sometimes joined by Pr. Cori.  A bonfire was also enjoyed on the beautiful autumn day. Click here to view photo gallery

On August 7th, Sam Salo made his First Communion during the 9:00 AM service.  A special cake was served during coffeetime.  Welcome to the Lord’s Table of Grace! Click here to view photo gallery

On July 30th, the Parish Picnic was held at Erickson Park in Stephenson.  We opened with  the worship service at 10:30 AM, followed by the meal, and attended by 46. Click here to view photo gallery

Joint Vacation Bible School was held June 27th through June 30th from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. There were Bible studies and crafts held each day.  It was enjoyed by all who attended. Click here to view photo gallery

On Sunday, June 19th a joint worship service was held at Gethsemane.  The Jack Clarkson Band from Lansing, Michigan provided a beautiful concert during the service. A potluck dinner was served immediately following. Click here to view photo gallery

The Memorial Service was  led by Pr. Dave Christenson on Monday, May 30th, at 8:30 AM.  Before this event, a large tree had to be cut down and cleaned up from the cemetery grounds. Click here to view photo gallery

On December 13, the Sunday School presented their Christmas Program during the 9 AM service.  Carols were sung, Scripture was read, and the message of God’s gift of His son Jesus was given.  Christmas gifts were presented to Pr. Cori and the teachers.  Coffeetime followed with plenty of refreshments and goodies. > click here to view photo gallery

On December 12, 2015, a group of 13 members met to decorate the live Christmas tree in the church sanctuary and do other decorating.  A lunch followed.  Thank you to the Sederquist family for choosing and donating the tree.  Thank you also to all who helped. > click here to view photo gallery

On October 18, 2015, at 10:00AM, a joyful parish service was celebrated at St. Stephen’s Church with Jack and Tess Clarksonproviding the music, both vocals and instrumentation.  A delicious pot luck dinner followed the service. > click here to view photo gallery

September 13th was the first Sunday on the new schedule with the 9:00 a.m. church service followed by the social hour and Sunday School. One student received his Children’s Bible during this service.  > click here to view photo gallery

On August 23, 2015 four young people made their First Communion at Gethsemane Lutheran. They are Sara, Katelyn, Hannah and Chelsey.  Congratulations and God’s Blessings. > click here to view photo gallery

On August 23, 2015, five young people made their First Communion at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church.  They are Ava Klatt, Aden Laurin, Tessa Wagner, Morgan Berquist, and Cooper Johnson.  Congratulations and God’s Blessings to them on their achievement. > click here to view photo gallery

On May 31st a joint worship service was held at Gethsemane and it was Youth Sunday.  The Youth lead the morning worship service.  Gwendolyn Erickson gave the children’s message and Ally Schultz gave the sermon.  These young people did a great job. > click here to read the sermon

St. Stephen’s was surprised and honored to receive the Big Bear award at synod assembly this year. The World Hunger committee said this: Each year at the Northern Great Lakes Synod Assembly a Big Bear Award is given to a congregation that has made an exceptional effort in raising funds and awareness for World Hunger. This year the Big Guy goes to St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church which has done Big Things for the Hunger effort this year. During the February food drive in Conference 5, they “smoked” the rest of the conference by collecting an average of 8 food items per baptized member. This was by far, the best effort in the Conference and a sign of their commitment to “Feed the Hungry” A Big Bear for a Big Effort and worthy of our recognition.

St. Stephen’s joined in with a little friendly competition with fellow ELCA congregations in  the Menominee Valley Conference; Gethsemane Lutheran, Beaver American Lutheran, Our Saviour’s Lutheran, St. James Lutheran, Zion Lutheran, Bethel Lutheran, Emmanuel Lutheran, Good Shepherd Lutheran, and Porterfield Lutheran Churches.  They were challenged to collect the most cans/non-perishable/paper goods from January 4th through February 1st.  The items were then donated to the Mid County Food Pantry in Stephenson.  St. Stephen’s took first place with 2,051 items collected, and won the special trophy.

On April 12, St. Stephen’s celebrated a “Birthday Bash” before the service at coffee time.  The event marked a special year plus effort to reduce the building fund debt with birthday age donations by members which were anonymously matched.  This endeavor has significantly reduced debt principal.  Thank you to all who participated. Click here to view photo gallery

On April 4th at 10:00 AM, there was an Easter Egg Hunt and fun time for children at St. Stephen’s Church.  There were games, a coloring contest,  baskets were given out, and Easter Eggs gathered, followed by a hot dog lunch.  Thank you to Rose Klatt for organizing and conducting this event and thanks to all who helped and participated. Click here to view photo gallery

On Easter Sunday a breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, cheesy potatoes, coffeecakes, donuts, juice, chocolate milk, and coffee was served from 9:00 to 10:00, before the 10:30 service at St. Stephen’s.  There was a very good turnout of about 65 at the breakfast.  Thank you to all who planned, worked and participated.  The church service was also very well attended and with many children participating in the children’s sermon.  It was a joyous, blessed event celebrating our Lord’s resurrection. Click here to view photo gallery

Shrove Tuesday St. Stephen’s Supper – There was a pancake, French toast, eggs, and sausage supper at St. Stephen’s Church on February 18th.  A free will offering was taken. Click here to view photo gallery

On December 19, 2014, the local Lions Club donated $1000 worth of food to the Mid-County Food Pantry, housed in St. Stephen’s Church.  The gift was matched by Gary’s IGA of Stephenson and Walllace, for a total of $2000 worth of food.  Thanks and God’s Blessings to all donors and workers on this project.. Click here to view photo gallery

On December 14th, the Sunday School Children’s Christmas Program was held during the worship service at Gethsemane.  The program was titled “Christmas Stories & Legends”. Click here to view photo gallery

The Sunday School Children’s Christmas Program was held on December 14 during the church service at St. Stephen’s.  The birth of Jesus was portrayed with Scripture readings and carols. Click here to view photo gallery

On December 13th, 17 volunteers met at 10:00 AM at St. Stephen’s Church for the “Hanging of the Greens“–trimming 2 Christmas trees and other decorating.  A lunch followed.  It was a wonderful, festive occasion of fellowship. Click here to view photo gallery

On December 5, 6PM, a group of 13 met at St. Stephen’s church and carpooled for singing Christmas Carols in Stephenson. Included stops were at the nursing home and senior apartments complex.  Afterward, the group returned to the church for hot cocoa, coffee and refreshments, and to write out Christmas cards to the shut-ins. Click here to view photo gallery

Two children completed the required classes at St. Stephen Church and received their First Communion at the service on September 14th.  They are Gavyn Crawford and Taylor Anger, and they were presented a certificate and gifts. Click here to view photo gallery

On September 7, 2014, seven Sunday School children received their Bibles at the 10:30 church service at St. Stephen Lutheran Church. Also, the donated school supplies were blessed and will be delivered to the Stephenson School System. Click here to view photo gallery

The annual parish picnic was held on July 13, 2014, at Erickson Park in Stephenson, Michigan. A 10:00 AM Communion Service preceded the meal.  It was attended by 60 people on a warm and sunny day. Click here to view photo gallery

On June 29th a joint worship service was held at Gethsemane.  It was also Youth Sunday.  The Youth led the worship service.  The youth that participated were Ivy, lector and children’s sermon, Cassie, lay assistant and Brianna provided special music.  Click here to view photo gallery

2014 Vacation Bible School was held June 23rd through June 26th at Gethsemane. “Come Do Hand Stands for Jesus with Pastor Cori” Eight children attended.  They had Bible lessons, crafts and snacks.  Click here to view photo gallery

Assencison Sunday, June 8, 2014. In addition to celebrating the Assencion of our Lord, we also witnessed Ivy Schultz’s reaffirmation of her Baptismal Covenant as she made her Confirmation promises. Ivy was honored during fellowship with coffee and beverages. Click here to view photo gallery

Graduate Recognition Sunday. During our regular worship service, we recognized 7 graduating high school seniors and 2 college graduates. College Graduates: Amanda Freis, Kayla Berger. High School Graduates: Trevor Christophersen, David Bayerl, Alyssa Peretto, Nicole Beardsley, Alexis Rasner, Austin Marcussen, Audrey Danielson.
Pastor Cori reminded each of the graduates thatGodhas aplan for their lives and that as they find their place in the world,their task is identical to the early church (Acts 1:8) after Christ’s crucifiction, resurrection and asencion… towitness to the ends of the earth.The graduates were honored during fellowship with coffee and beverages. Click here to view photo gallery

June 3rd, 2012 – Worship on the Bus Click here to view